January 5, 2016

There is Poker, there is Roulette and there are a million other games that can get you drooling and opening your wallets to put on the table whatever money you’ve got. The problem with gambling is the risk it involves. It is also the driving thrill of the game. Many people term it as a psychological illness because of its addictive nature.

Gambling Downside

The reason for the addiction is the occasional win. Gambling makes you believe that your win is just one chance away, so you end up believing in the certainty of winning when the game is really based upon the opposite.

The term for someone who constantly itches to gamble is Ludomania. This is still kind of obsession that you can get rid of with some difficulty. Although it is nowhere close to what is known in medical terms as pathological gambling. When you are a pathological gambler, gambling is what you think about all the time. Pathological gamblers play the game knowing well in advance the slim chances of them winning. Every loss urges you to play more to win your money back. It is a vicious cycle.

Gambling incessantly and losing money at the same pace makes illegal activities tempting. Before they know it, pathological gamblers are tumbling down the flight of stairs breaking all things and eventually themselves in the way. Fraud and forgery is common among them.

In a situation like this when the person is deep in debt, reaching out for financial aid of friends and family only helps in bringing the whole house down. A situation like this results in bankruptcy. As a pathological gambler, you’re risking your support and security, even your relationships. Most gamblers destroy their relationships in this process and have to see the pain of divorce.

The way out of this poisonous addiction is to speak about it. Whether you speak with those you are close to, an older person who you usually turn to for advice or a counsellor, find someone to discuss the details of everything that is going on in your head. Speaking up about what you are are going through, in most situations, helps you let it relieve from your system. Solutions come pouring in not just from those around you but also from your own self. The best way to get out of a situation like this is to slowly and steadily work towards changing your habits. You can also find substitutes for your addiction. Set up friendly matches at home with family or find games online that will not just give you the same rush of the game but also keep you away from emptying your pockets.   

Gambling has a tendency to take over people’s lives if dealt with carelessness. Control can only begin with you. Involve friends and family, not in paying your debts but in helping you get rid of your addiction. Chart your progress and share it with your loved ones for encouragement.

One of the reasons why online gambling is proving to be one of the most dangerous forms of addiction in the modern day world is that everything is accessible 24 hours of the day. This is not a shop they can turn you out of at 2 am in the morning. You are not going to have all the time to reflect on your actions all the way home. The internet gives unlimited access to the unlimited number of games that will fuel your problem. Everything from virtual card games to sports betting to even the seemingly innocent bingo can carry you astray in the virtual world. The trouble is that along with the hours it is also easy to go easy with the money when you’re playing online.

Causes and Effects

This article will help you not only deal with the addiction that is internet gambling but will also help clear some legal issues that people face while gambling online.

Most people, including the ones you’re playing against do not know the legality of the debts that are incurred online. In some countries like the United Kingdom the law cannot enforce the debt on you when you incur it while gambling on credit. The catch is that this is only applicable when this credit comes from your casino or bookie. When you involve a third party into the game, case in point, your credit card company, you will have to then make sure to clear your debts. In countries like the United States using your credit cards for internet gambling can put you behind the bars.

When the website you are playing on asks for cash in advance, it is time to steer clear as they are asking for your credit card details. If you do step into the murky pool, however, understand that cash in advance will mean that you will have to pay a higher rate of interest than you would on an ordinary purchase.

In case you have fallen into the trap, we advise two separate ways to fight the problem. The simple and more effective one would be to give up your bad habit and mend your ways. Another would be to deal with payment of the debt.

Rule number one to follow when dealing with debt payments online is to not borrow under any circumstances. Instead of pulling you out of the debt it will only make the situation worse. What you can do, with some risk, is get in touch with your creditors and come to an understanding with them. You can come to an agreement to repay as much as you can afford and this might work for them. This will definitely help you get out of the mess.

Gambling is great for fun. It brings a certain kind of rush into your body that you crave often. In truth, it is only a vicious circle that that deludes you into thinking that you will win a lot of money and solve all your problems when in reality, only the opposite is happening.